Laundry Balls = these are eco-friendly & sustainable.  Made from our Alpaca Fiber & Michigan Sheep.


These replace the laundry sheets or dryer sheets you are currently using.  My first prototypes are still holding strong after 3 years, and quite a few laundry days.  Should they start looking nappy, just take an old razon, yes an old razon before you throw it out, you can just shave the laundry ball of all the fuzzies it has on it, & there you go.  A new dryer ball!!  They come in a variety of colors.  These are large at 3" in diameter. Ask for a specific color, I will make it for you.

For those of you who are allergic to wool, we have an ALL Natural Alpaca as well, not dyed, natural color and absolutely no wool. 

Laundry Balls or Dryer Balls 3" Diameter

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  • These Dryer balls can get wet, and they felt more in the drying process, so no need to worry.