Extreme Alpaca Boot Sock is made in the United States with Alpaca fiber from the United States.  66% Alpaca, 27% nylon, 6% Acrylic & 1% Spandex. 


These socks are made with the highest amount of alpaca in the market today.  This is to keep your feet dry & not damp & wet.


They are also 7 times warmer than wool and most comfortable.  The only sock one will wear, either it be camping, construction work in Seattle or Michigan, hunting your favorite forest or just walking around the house.  These will be your go to sock. 


Let the price not deter you, warm feet are worth it!!!!



Extreme Alpaca Boot Sock

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  • These socks can be machined washed INSIDE OUT first pelase and lined dry for longer lasting.  They can be dried in a dryer, but we all know that the lint you pull out of the dryer is all the fiber coming out of our clothes, so if you want them to last longer, please line dry.