Welcome to DebRo Farms!!!

DebRo Farms is located in beautiful agricultural Marion Township in Howell, Michigan. The area is dedicated to farming & livestock; it is a perfect location for Alpacas.  We are 4 hours east of Chicago, IL, 1 hour east of Lansing, MI and 1 hour north west of Detroit, MI.


We began our Farm in 2013, by purchasing a farm located in Howell, MI and remodeling it with passion, love & hard work.  Our first 3 alpacas were rescued in the fall of 2013, when they were found walking down a farm road.  After that first winter, we were smitten for Alpacas.   The following alpacas we purchased were selected from reputable breeders who helped us through the learning curve and have since become great friends. We have continued to be selective in our breeding program and have successfully raised an award-winning herd of more than Thirty Huacaya Alpacas.


We specialize in educating new and existing alpaca owners with a focus on the fiber industry, boarding, handling skills, fiber sorting, grading, breeding consulting and product & business development.


In May of each year we open the farm up on shearing day, for anyone interested in starting an Alpaca Farm.  This informal gathering provides one with the basic information needed to decide if alpacas are right for you.  This business can be both one of your greatest challenges and one of your most satisfying and fun!!


We would love to introduce you, to these calming & beautiful, animals. Need a place to take unique pictures, or maybe, just a place to get away to rest and have some calmness in your day?  Take a seat on the porch and watch alpacas graze as the clouds overhead go by.  Or bring a blanket and do some Yoga in the middle of the pasture with the Alpacas watching.  We also offer spinning & fiber arts classes for those more inclined.

Questions:   DebRo Farms – Deb Lazowski


5757 Lange Road, Howell, MI  48843 | Deb 313.671.4910 | debrofarms@gmail.com